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Endustra's Tri-Vent® Series Intake Filters and Filter Silencers set new benchmarks for the industry: The Future of Filtration is here.

Built on the unmatched platform of the Endustra Venturi Outlet Design, called "the first truly innovative design improvement in air intake filter housings for nearly half a century," the Tri-Vent® pays for itself with energy savings in less than a year ("Boosting Blower Performance," Water & Wastes Digest, October 2008).

We realize that performance is only the first step. Our future as an American manufacturer relies on our customers' ability to meet the demands of the global marketplace. Competitive pricing and exclusive features such as Enduralast® Synthetic Media, No-Tools element changes, powder coating, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee provides the second step: quality and value for the long term.

For Endustra, The Future of Filtration is not a slogan. We are 100% family owned and operated, manufacturing our products in small town America. We couple high-tech design with old-fashioned commitment to employees as people, and to customers as partners, and we won't operate any other way.

Endustra wants your business. Call our friendly, professional staff at 800-521-1008.

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